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DDownloads 3.0 (Portable Extract Wizard) HOT

Provides Direct Download links for numerous Applications. Its a kind of FREE App Store for FREE & Open Source Windows Apps.

DDownloads offers you easy access to all types of Applications, from Antivirus programs to Browsers and Video tools or Codecs & Service Packs. It tries to download Setup files with a Single Click that don't install third party application such as Toolbars or other components.

Feature Overview

  • Provides Direct Download links for Essential Applications after Re-Installing Windows.
  • We only Link to "Safe" and "Malware free" pages.
  • We only Link to Pages which provides the most current Version of the App
  • We only add the Best Apps of each Category, so you don't need to comb through the Web to find the best App for your needs. We have them all at a glance.
  • Directly Downloads Apps in all its Variants (Setup, Portable, Slim, Toolbar-free)
  • Provides next to Apps also Links to Codecs, Service Packs etc.
  • Works with Signature files which are regulary updated.  New apps are added every day.
  • We only add to our Databases Free/Open Source Apps
  • DDownloads is fully Portable
  • DDownloads is Freeware
  • DDownloads is lightweight and uses a small memory footprint
  • Supports all Windows Version (x86 bit & 64 bit)

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Currently listed Apps ~1100 (dated 01 January 2014)

Version: 3.08.1400 | Size: 1.12 MB | Downloads: 433,831 | Last Update: 25.12.2018 | MD5 Checksum: d86da6ccb024b090594c83bc9cf9ed26

Recently Downloaded

1. Cleanmgr+ French Dataset v1.2.3.7502019-12-06 21:20:13
2. [Script] Cleanup Microsoft Office Installation Cache 2019-12-06 21:12:16
3. Francais Localization file v2.11.4442019-12-06 21:12:02
4. CloneApp v2.13.5132019-12-06 21:11:40
5. Cleanmgr+ Deutscher Datensatz (German) 2019-12-06 21:07:52
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