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Rich Kraemer
05 April 2019, 15:33

I have run some more test and it looks like now the program is NOT deleting the files in the download folder. I did not change any of the settings from the previous version. After have the problem, I deleted all the files from the Cleanmgr+ directory and started from scratch. Might be something to look at.

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Belim (Admin)
07 April 2019, 16:06

Hi Rich,

I'm glad it wasn't any more than that. Question!
Are you talking about the Downloaded Program files directory in the Windows root dir? or the Downloads directory in the User Profile?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

Rich Kraemer
05 April 2019, 14:22

Careful with the new version, Cleanmgr+ V1.1.0.400. The application wipes out the "Download Program Files" even though the box is NOT checked.Sad

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Belim (Admin)
05 April 2019, 14:55


are you maybe using the windata.ini (in \bin\ directory of Cleanmgr+) from the previous v1.0.4?

I've added the following notice to the changelog of v1.1
Please also use ONLY the latest windata.ini (in \bin\ directory) shipped with this Version of Cleanmgr+. The windata.ini from older versions is NOT compatible with v1.1 of Cleanmgr+


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