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    12 July 2019, 00:43

    Is there any record of shorter to copy the desired folders? 📁📂 For example:
    in folder1 - 4 folders
    I want to copy only TEST_2 and TEST4 !
    I want something like this... any idea!? 💡

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    11 July 2019, 15:15

    Hi all! I have question about how to backup «Office  2016».
    In registry -- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\
    There are a lot of things... How to copy exactly what I need?
    For example for «Excel  2016» i wont to backup:
    1. Settings for  `RightClickMenu-Cell` и `RightClickMenu-Ply`. Since some of the buttons I have hidden (for the reason that I do not use them)!
    2. What branches of the register responsible for maintaining 1) `Ribbon`: "TabHome" - Font, Font Size, Default Color. 2) `Quick Access Toolbar`: All buttons.
    3. "TabDeveloper" – (After the transfer to the tab was in place.).
    4. Settings in the `VBA`.

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    08 July 2019, 06:19

    CloneApp, started as admin, is showing me an empty app-window, I dont see any program for backup! Same on a different PC with almost no programs installed. Windows 8 Enterprise.
    Have I to install some kind of "basic" plugin? In fact CloneApp does not recognize any of my 250 programs!

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    11 July 2019, 13:53

    Okay, problem solved. Thank you, Belim, for the mentioning of the Plugin-Folder and extracting the "archive". I had read about CloneApp in the magazine "chip" and downloaded CloneApp afterwards at - I only got a single cloneapp.exe! Without folders, no extraction of further files! Downloaded now from your site, everything is working, thanks.

    Belim (Admin)
    10 July 2019, 06:47

    do you see a Plug-ins folder after extracting the archive?It is very unusual if the Apps window is empty. Or do you mean after checking for Installed Apps using the button "Select Installed", no apps are checked and found ?

    09 July 2019, 21:03

    Have the same problem with Windows 10 Pro. CloneApp is not detecting one single App. Also does not save the settings.

    02 July 2019, 12:54

    The reg.exe problem that I reported before is still there.
    CloneApp spawns a reg.exe process for each registry item it backs up, but it doesn't close these processes upon successful completion.
    I know this happens on Windows 7 x64; can't speak for Windows 10.
    To duplicate: Launch CloneApp with admin privs, then select items that have registry components, and click Backup. Upon backup completion, close CloneApp, then launch Task Manager and look for reg.exe. (You may have to tick the box for "show processes from all users".)
    Or instead of using Task Manager, you can also run this from a cmd shell: taskLIST /fi "imagename eq reg.exe"
    Btw, this is the cleanup work-around to close the processes: taskKILL /fi "imagename eq reg.exe"
    Aside from that minor issue, nice app.
    And someone should set up a proper forum for this man. I've got unused hosting space I can donate.

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    Belim (Admin)
    10 July 2019, 06:50

    Hi again Rhodes,

    yeah, of course you mentioned that. Unfortunately I forgot :( I'll write it down for the upcoming version.

    Yes I need a propper forum. Thanks for looking for me :D Maybe we'll get it right soon.

    Many thanks

    02 July 2019, 01:26

    Maybe I miss something, but it seems CloneApp doesn't have a plug-in for sister app Cleanmgr+?

    I wrote this (note hard coded folder will vary):
    Title=mirinsoft Cleanmgr+

    Scripts=C:\Program Files\Mirinsoft\Cleanmgr\scripts


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    11 July 2019, 18:52

    For what is this mark | what it do? I checked it's copy all files nad folders before the folder »»» SCRIPTS. Maybe I do not understand something? 🙄😕

    02 July 2019, 00:16

    I have created a CloneApp Microsoft Access 2019 plug-in if anyone interested (is this correct place/ etiquette for such offering, as I have others just created - Garmin BaseCamp, IdImager Photo Supreme, IMSI TurboCAD):-

    Title=0 AJH Microsoft Access 2019


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    Belim (Admin)
    10 July 2019, 06:51

    Hi Andrew,

    if you wann share your Plug-ins, please send it to me via Mail. I will upload them to the CloneApp Plug-ins directory, so everyone can benefit from it.

    Many thanks

    01 July 2019, 01:29

    BIG Bug found!
    In Cleanmgr+, clear "Recent" will wipe all pinned Quick Acess items in Windows Explorer!

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    30 June 2019, 05:47

    CloneApp 2.11.444 bug: when a plugin is "saved as" new, all the other selected plugin checkboxes are displaced by 1, and must all be fixed - uncheck one above, check one below.

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    Belim (Admin)
    30 June 2019, 09:57

    Hi Andrew,

    i've included the fix in todays update v2.12 with support for Windows 10, Version 1903

    Thanks for reporting

    30 June 2019, 04:41

    Hi, can a horizontal scrollbar be added to CloneApp 2.11.444? Some of the log messages are wider than the allowed space and there is no way to see the end of the line. What I do as a workaround is right click > Copy All > paste into text editor + word wrap. Unfortunately end lines are copied to the clipboard so word wrap is necessary, or I have to manually insert end lines at the correct place - tedious. All would be far simpler with a scrollbar. Otherwise wonderful new utility. Thanks Belim. Maybe a more full blown forum page would be helpful too instead of just a list of every topic ever.

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    11 July 2019, 17:06

    Can a horizontal scrollbar be added also for programm's name?

    Belim (Admin)
    30 June 2019, 10:02

    Hello Andrew,

    thanks for the detailed report. I've also optimized the behavior of the scrollbars in the latest version 2.12
    You're right with the forum. It is of course not a real forum, but rather a guestbook :P
    I currently have no resources to set up a real forum. I think maybe moving everything on github.

    All the best

    30 June 2019, 06:22

    After creating new plugins for some hours, often with very long [to] & [from] paths I observe that the horizontal scrollbar for the log output pane is sometimes displayed, but mostly not. FWIW am running 64-bit Windows Home 10.

    30 June 2019, 04:43

    would be nice to edit ones own post too to fix typos. Unfortunately end lines are NOT copied...

    23 June 2019, 04:04

    Hi, I found this program this morning and was super excited.  Thought it could solve my problem with cloning my software.  I've tried it twice now. Remembering to run it in administration mode.  You can see the cloneapp2.ini file when its done, but the program acts like maybe it's been corrupted. The program asks if I want to select the file, and I say yes.  Then the program can not see it.  The program seems to be looking for the file in the data folder, and it looks like it ended in the backup folder.

    I really need some program like this to work.  My work depends on working software.  I need to move my software onto the new pc.  Any suggestions???
    Thanks, Peg

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    Belim (Admin)
    30 June 2019, 10:06

    Hello Peg,

    you mean, getting a message "that cloneapp2.ini could not been found" when trying to restore the backed up apps? Did you take a look in the FAQ

    Regards from Germany

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